Can’t Get Enough of Spellbinders Majestic Ornaments

I’m sure scrappers and carders out there can relate to the feeling of not being able to stop creating using a new tool they’ve got. No matter how much I tell myself to put the new nesties down and move on, it’s just so difficult.



Here’s a thank you card for you to let you know that I appreciate you reading my blog.




Birthday Cards with Spellbinders Majestic Ornaments

WP_000491It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog that I feel like I’m a stranger at my own blog! LOL The past months had been extremely busy but I’ve tried to squeeze in a few minutes to make a card or two. Some seasoned cardmakers and scrapbookers I know advised to make atleast one card every other day so as not to lose one’s touch. Well I still haven’t found my own personal touch in cardmaking so I followed their advise but for a different reason. And that is so that I can finally find my style. Unfortunately I’m not sure when I’m going to get that.

I am currently engrossed with Spellbinders’ Majestic Ornaments because yes you guessed it right, they are the new addition to my slowly growing family of dies.



I got the flatback pearls from Ebay for a very good price of $4 for 400 pcs. They range from 4mm – 7mm in size which I find very useful in my cards.

If you happen to read this blog and it’s your birthday, I wish you a good one. May health and happiness be with you as you celebrate another year with family and friends.


Hearts and Clouds

Last night I wanted to practice coloring again, this time with colored pencils so I printed out a free digital stamp I got from Pinterest and took out my Fabercastell colored pencils. I think I’m getting the hang of these pencils as working with it seem to be getting easier after each stamp. As always, I used baby oil and Q-tips to smoothen and blend the colors. Here’s what I made. Hope you like it!

Hearts and Clouds

Hearts and Clouds

xoxo Omela

A Card to Warm You Up

Friends in countries where there is winter keep on putting up statuses in facebook that they’re freezing so I made several cards to send them and hopefully warm their hearts for a minute or two.

a sunshiny card to keep the chill away

a sunshiny card to keep the chill away

I just used a free colored digistamp for this and papers from national bookstore. The clouds are hand-drawn and manually embossed using a provocraft folder and a rolling pin since I don’t have an embossing machine yet.

Hope my little card made you smile today and made you think of happy memories of summer. Have a great day everyone!


Copics or Shinhan Twin Touch?

I’m in dire need of coloring markers coz the one I have here is the Stabilo Power Markers and it’s so difficult to work with. It streaks and bleeds a lot too. 😦 Just look at this!

colored with Stabilo Power Markers

colored with Stabilo Power Markers

After A LOT of research from crafters’ blogs my search narrowed to two top markers. Copic Markers and Shinhan Twin Touch markers. Copics cost an arm and a leg and a few extra pounds to top but it’s the best there is in coloring. They say the tip is like a little brush so it’s easy to manage. Twin Touch on the other hand costs almost 75% less than Copics but it’s not as great.

My oh my what am I gonna do?

Coloring with Fabercastell colored pencils and petroleum jelly

I’m not really very good in coloring. My kindergarten teacher could attest to that. Even my sister was shocked when I told her that I want to buy a set of ShinHan touch markers. “Whatever will you do with those?”, she asked bewilderingly. LOL Well the markers sure are pricey so I’d better practice with something manageable and less expensive like colored pencils so I headed to SM and got me a 36 color Fabercastell colored pencils. I think I should have bought the Crayola brand instead coz I find Fabercastell a bit too hard. Or is the problem only with me? Anyway here’s a picture of the card I made using a free digistamp from somewhere on the internet. Sorry I forgot where I took this from. Will remember next time, promise.

I saw a lot of videos in YouTube where they use baby oil to blend the colors and soften the look but since I couldn’t find my baby oil, I grabbed a jar of petroleum jelly instead. It worked well save for the fact that you have to keep in untouched for sometime to let the petroleum jelly “sink in” on the cardstock.

How about you? Have you tired the colored pencil and baby oil technique? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

First Time to Enter a Blog Candy

First Time to Enter a Blog Candy

Being a newbie in the crafting world, there are a lot of things that surprise me everyday and one of them is the fact that there are nice crafters out there who give away prizes for free! Well this is the first time that I’d be joining a raffle hosted by Paula and I am so excited I just have to blog this!