Dry embossing without an embossing machine

Armed with a few embossing Cuttlebug folders that  I purchased from Ebay, three craft scissors from the Sharon Cuneta scrapbooking line and ribbons and embellishments I began to make cards as a way to express myself. Since I don’t have a cuttlebug machine (a device used to create embossed textures and die cuts) yet I really want to do embossed cards, I tried going over the folder with a rolling pin but the middle part didn’t really come out nicely. Thinking that it would need much pressure I took a smooth bottomed bottle and rubbed down the folder going over it more than twice. For thin papers though, once would be enough or you’ll end up tearing your paper. The emboss came out nicely and I was very pleased with it but after embossing 3 or 4 papers my arms hurt.

These are some of the cards I finished last month. They’re very, very simple but cute. What do you think about them? You can do it too without a cuttlebug. Plus it’s good exercise for the arms I guess. LOL! I hope I can find people around my area here in Silang, Cavite who like cardmaking or scrapbooking too. We might even have a scrapbooking/cardmaking party! That would be so much fun!


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