Mother’s Day Cards

My 8 year old daughter went to a scrapbooking workshop this afternoon and I was happy to meet two moms present who are also into paper crafts. We talked about nothing but paper while our kids got busy and exchanged numbers promising to call each other and meet for coffee to plan a paper craft date. I got so excited that right after coming home I made some cards for Mother’s Day to share with you all. By the way I still don’t have distress ink so what I used was poster color mixed with a teeny bit of water to “loosen” the consistency.  This green and pink card was the first one I made. What do you think of this? It’s so easy to make.


Second card is my daughter’s personal favorite. Asked why she likes it, she replied “Because of the chick. Everybody like chicks!” Err, its a bird sweetheart. LOL


And the last and my favorite of all. Tadan! ^_^



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