Coloring with Fabercastell colored pencils and petroleum jelly

I’m not really very good in coloring. My kindergarten teacher could attest to that. Even my sister was shocked when I told her that I want to buy a set of ShinHan touch markers. “Whatever will you do with those?”, she asked bewilderingly. LOL Well the markers sure are pricey so I’d better practice with something manageable and less expensive like colored pencils so I headed to SM and got me a 36 color Fabercastell colored pencils. I think I should have bought the Crayola brand instead coz I find Fabercastell a bit too hard. Or is the problem only with me? Anyway here’s a picture of the card I made using a free digistamp from somewhere on the internet. Sorry I forgot where I took this from. Will remember next time, promise.

I saw a lot of videos in YouTube where they use baby oil to blend the colors and soften the look but since I couldn’t find my baby oil, I grabbed a jar of petroleum jelly instead. It worked well save for the fact that you have to keep in untouched for sometime to let the petroleum jelly “sink in” on the cardstock.

How about you? Have you tired the colored pencil and baby oil technique? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


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