Dry embossing without the machine

As most crafters I am wishing to have a dry embossing machine. But money is tight and it would be unfair for me to buy an embossing machine if my husband can’t get a Wii and my daughter a new set of Barbies. I bought several embossing folders from eBay and at first I thought that was a stupid idea. But I came across a video tutorial in YouTube about how to use your folders without the actual dry embossing machine. Here’s the link to the vid.

She used a rolling pin to impress the paper but in my case when I tried it, the middle part of the paper didn’t really get a good embossed look so I looked or another alternative. And then I found it. A BOTTLE!

The bottom of the bottle you’re going to use should be smooth or it will leave marks and scratch your embossing folders as it did mine. To emboss, just put your paper in the folder and lay your embossing folder with the brand name facing up. It’s easier to get your emboss this way. Next, hold your bottle haflway and using the smooth bottom, start rubbing it hard against the folder starting from the sides then working it to the middle. Just keep on doing this until you feel you’ve got a good impression. You can take a peek to see if you’ve embossed it that way you want and go over it again if you’re not fully satisfied. Just be sure to return the paper in it’s right spot or you’ll mess up your dry emboss.

I hope this helps you guys. Dry embossing without a machine is possible but only if you’re to emboss a few cards. If you need to dry emboss a lot though, better get a machine or you’ll end up with sore muscles.


The First Few

A few days ago my husband moved my crafting table (again) near my computer table to avoid cluttering so I had to re-organize my papers and tools yet again. I think I was already moved 5 times (against my will) but so far this is the best spot! 🙂

I found a small box of cards that I made two months ago when I was still starting and here are some of them. Please feel free to comment! 🙂






Mother’s Day Cards

My 8 year old daughter went to a scrapbooking workshop this afternoon and I was happy to meet two moms present who are also into paper crafts. We talked about nothing but paper while our kids got busy and exchanged numbers promising to call each other and meet for coffee to plan a paper craft date. I got so excited that right after coming home I made some cards for Mother’s Day to share with you all. By the way I still don’t have distress ink so what I used was poster color mixed with a teeny bit of water to “loosen” the consistency.  This green and pink card was the first one I made. What do you think of this? It’s so easy to make.


Second card is my daughter’s personal favorite. Asked why she likes it, she replied “Because of the chick. Everybody like chicks!” Err, its a bird sweetheart. LOL


And the last and my favorite of all. Tadan! ^_^


Dry embossing without an embossing machine

Armed with a few embossing Cuttlebug folders that  I purchased from Ebay, three craft scissors from the Sharon Cuneta scrapbooking line and ribbons and embellishments I began to make cards as a way to express myself. Since I don’t have a cuttlebug machine (a device used to create embossed textures and die cuts) yet I really want to do embossed cards, I tried going over the folder with a rolling pin but the middle part didn’t really come out nicely. Thinking that it would need much pressure I took a smooth bottomed bottle and rubbed down the folder going over it more than twice. For thin papers though, once would be enough or you’ll end up tearing your paper. The emboss came out nicely and I was very pleased with it but after embossing 3 or 4 papers my arms hurt.

These are some of the cards I finished last month. They’re very, very simple but cute. What do you think about them? You can do it too without a cuttlebug. Plus it’s good exercise for the arms I guess. LOL! I hope I can find people around my area here in Silang, Cavite who like cardmaking or scrapbooking too. We might even have a scrapbooking/cardmaking party! That would be so much fun!

Sincerely Card


Below is a sample of a card I just finished. I used sanding technique to create a more detailed impression of the embossed damask pattern on the board.

All About Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and the like

I need space to post the new love of my life. Crafting, specifically card making. This just started a month ago but I’m really crazy about it. Friends were even surprised to see what I have made they were like “Really?! YOU made this?” LOL.

A lot of crafters out there have machines and tools but I just do everything from scratch with the use of just 4 craft scissors, a compass for making circles and one black distress ink. I really want to try stamping and embossing but I don’t have stamps yet. I have a few embossing powders and a heat tool. Oh and I have clear ink for stamping too but in all irony I don’t have a stamp.

I’m sure a lot of Filipino moms out there who have time in their hands would want to make something like this too so I’d be happy to make videos of how I managed to make them from scratch.

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