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A Card to Warm You Up

Friends in countries where there is winter keep on putting up statuses in facebook that they’re freezing so I made several cards to send them and hopefully warm their hearts for a minute or two.

a sunshiny card to keep the chill away

a sunshiny card to keep the chill away

I just used a free colored digistamp for this and papers from national bookstore. The clouds are hand-drawn and manually embossed using a provocraft folder and a rolling pin since I don’t have an embossing machine yet.

Hope my little card made you smile today and made you think of happy memories of summer. Have a great day everyone!



Dry embossing without the machine

As most crafters I am wishing to have a dry embossing machine. But money is tight and it would be unfair for me to buy an embossing machine if my husband can’t get a Wii and my daughter a new set of Barbies. I bought several embossing folders from eBay and at first I thought that was a stupid idea. But I came across a video tutorial in YouTube about how to use your folders without the actual dry embossing machine. Here’s the link to the vid.

She used a rolling pin to impress the paper but in my case when I tried it, the middle part of the paper didn’t really get a good embossed look so I looked or another alternative. And then I found it. A BOTTLE!

The bottom of the bottle you’re going to use should be smooth or it will leave marks and scratch your embossing folders as it did mine. To emboss, just put your paper in the folder and lay your embossing folder with the brand name facing up. It’s easier to get your emboss this way. Next, hold your bottle haflway and using the smooth bottom, start rubbing it hard against the folder starting from the sides then working it to the middle. Just keep on doing this until you feel you’ve got a good impression. You can take a peek to see if you’ve embossed it that way you want and go over it again if you’re not fully satisfied. Just be sure to return the paper in it’s right spot or you’ll mess up your dry emboss.

I hope this helps you guys. Dry embossing without a machine is possible but only if you’re to emboss a few cards. If you need to dry emboss a lot though, better get a machine or you’ll end up with sore muscles.