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Copics or Shinhan Twin Touch?

I’m in dire need of coloring markers coz the one I have here is the Stabilo Power Markers and it’s so difficult to work with. It streaks and bleeds a lot too. 😦 Just look at this!

colored with Stabilo Power Markers

colored with Stabilo Power Markers

After A LOT of research from crafters’ blogs my search narrowed to two top markers. Copic Markers and Shinhan Twin Touch markers. Copics cost an arm and a leg and a few extra pounds to top but it’s the best there is in coloring. They say the tip is like a little brush so it’s easy to manage. Twin Touch on the other hand costs almost 75% less than Copics but it’s not as great.

My oh my what am I gonna do?


All About Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and the like

I need space to post the new love of my life. Crafting, specifically card making. This just started a month ago but I’m really crazy about it. Friends were even surprised to see what I have made they were like “Really?! YOU made this?” LOL.

A lot of crafters out there have machines and tools but I just do everything from scratch with the use of just 4 craft scissors, a compass for making circles and one black distress ink. I really want to try stamping and embossing but I don’t have stamps yet. I have a few embossing powders and a heat tool. Oh and I have clear ink for stamping too but in all irony I don’t have a stamp.

I’m sure a lot of Filipino moms out there who have time in their hands would want to make something like this too so I’d be happy to make videos of how I managed to make them from scratch.